God is everywhere Why Question?

“Ekal  chinta raakh ananta aur tajo sab aasa re  pranve Nama bhye nehkaama ko thakur.   ko Dasaa re”  Bhagat (devotee)Naamdev says the truth of the world in Guru Granth Sahib.He inspires to learn the God all the time and leave every wish of the world .But why??? Naamdev says that wishes are the waste and the wasting of time, He says I thought that a poor person is always in worry about money to fulfill their daily needs,he is always helpless and indigent, he does hard work to live well but he is always subdivision, his dreams of life are remain incomplete.(Then he says) when I saw this world some consciously then I realized that the King and the servant has no difference.Because I was thought that the King has no worry ,everything in his hands,he can decide even life and death.He has everything to make once life full with joyous.BUT  I astonished to saw that the Kings are too in worries,they are also tense also helpless, there are many things that are not in their hands,they’re also afraid to lose respect ,they have also scared to death the history of kings is full with pain!!!!the most of kings of all over the world are murdered by their own children or family or friends.What a  “Grief “ to killing by the sons and daughters,wives and friends as you care them all the time,you sustain them, even sacrifice your life to keep them safe,sacrifice your own wishes to make them happy and at last they agonizes you kills you. THE BOTH types of lives are not different the pains and compulsions some happiness and smiles are both in the way .Only a  person can decide how he becomes happy.Having a lot of money, a strong body,a perfect family,some type of complexion,fame what?OR to live with nature,to accept how the things are,social status,economic conditions,body types,whatever….. Naamdev says learn the name of God,gets free from every tension,where there is no tension,no grief. I am made by God,whole world is made by him whatever is going on is done by him I have no need to worry.

God is everywhere Why Question?

“Ekal Mati Kunchar Chinti Bhajan Hai Bahu Na Na Re”Asthaver Jangam Keet Patangam Ghat Ghat Ram Samanaa Re”.   Bhagat   Naamdev. Saying the truth. In Guru Granth Sahib ( spiritual book of Sikhs).This means the big elephant to small ants are made with the same soil but looks very different.All the vegetation,insects and all living creatures are made by the God.The whole system of water,air,fire (the sun) days and nights,all season controls,from birth to death even the whole body system,eyes power,hearing power,smelling power,tasting power,touching power,power of feeling,power of thinking are made by God.Whose else than  God can made these all?  Can anyone?Trees and plants taking water from soil through roots to leaves and tiny stomata make food for tree .Whoes make this system? A lot of species living under water.Whoes looks after them ? Whose looks after the baby in the womb of mother, gives him power to survive in the world? The God. Yes the invisible power of universe from where we come.Respect God the creator of everything. For his love and care.         To be continued…..

Love Is Powerful

Hi friends! Happy to see you again.Today if I say” friends “it means a lot for me, I’m going to tell you how,apart from my content “why religion”I learned a big lesson about spirituality, last night.So, happen is that, that I was a little tense and thinking about something and something and looking  for some mails,I opened my mailbox then suddenly saw some mails which I was not expected,”there were some comments on my WordPress’s blog.My friend “Maniparna sengupta majumder”appreciates me for my content “Spirituality “.She is  an excellent blogger and I love to read her thoughts and now she shares her positive comments for my blog,She gives me a pretty heart and lots of love.A pretty smile came on my face, my tension was all gone,i realized that sometimes we stupidly run behind some waste things,i actually needed this mail, this appreciation,this love.I felt so good.Now the very next day,I can’t wait to express my feelings and my happiness.This is called spirituality,No religion,No cast,No language make obstacles in the way of love.Love is so powerful,appreciation is worth for life.It makes the way easy to live the life,it spreads the good thoughts to make the every moment alive of life.OK if it is only for sometime but that particular moment is changes our mind and quickly pulls out from darkness of bad thoughts.I always Thank God to give me friends and loved ones whose care me, and I love to care them. Thank you friends.Have a nice moment!  Love you.


No! Of course,No!They are not.But we make the religions on the name of our Masters or Lords?Think again.Every Master (of different religions)teaches us to speak true,compassion,love and devotion.So,if I speak true to obeying Jesus we actually obeying Mohammad Saab, we are obeying Guru Nanak,we are obeying Lord Krishna and any of divine soul. So, where is the difference,where is hate? They teaches us “Spirituality “they trying to feel us one great soul in all of us.They respect all of us ‘the human beings’ because we have minds ,we have harts to think to feel The One God.Where they stand they feels the omnipresence of God.In the nature,children,air,water,sky everywhere.They have strong belief in God and trying to believe us the same.Thry never hate anyone,they cannot because they fill with love and compassion.Are we the devote of them? Let’s be like them as they are complete humans,as they are God .We could be God one day as they want.

Why religion are the cause of hate

 Because of these sectarians.In all over the world we are be surrounded by the sectarianism which promotes the racism,religionism,Colour bars or nationalisms which comes out with disputes,disgussion,disbelief.Not only fanatic but also politicians be involves in all of these.Kings and political leaders are in power they use it to fulfill their selfishness and ego.They have power to impose their judgments to others and everyone have to listen them.Very much suprisingly a lots of people are agree with them. There are two types of people, one who haven’t their own opinion they agree what they listen and others have traffic state that they have same thoughts what the political leaders have,who disperse misconceptions.These political and communal leaders have no relation with religion and state religion.They want to run and break the ideas of religion by their own.Not only now but from the centuries whosever in power want the priests justify what king wants and whatever he do is always right and the priests see this good to save their titles,regards,their amenities and their lives.Otherwise our great Lords always trying to finish the aversions and give the good lesson of Love. Our Masters are always teaches us that the God is creator he creates every thing from dear creatures to toxic snakes.He creates miscellaneous colours and looks.They never distinguish even between countries and country men,their preaching are for everyone. The God make this earth no country bar is for them. Then why we Religious people hates on the name of these great souls.Let’s make the world however our Masters want.

Why do we need religion

Why do we need religion if the birds are not,if the animals are not,if the insects are not,if the trees,plants,rivers and mountains,forest and oceans are no need of religion.This is the question in mind because the all holy souls have given all the preaching to humans beings and given the example of those who need not any religion.These virtuous souls trying to realise us about God (the creator).The God is Almighty,Capacitate,Compassionate,Munificent and Lovesick.The divine souls tell us even God has no religion,then what?Actually we need spirituality,  Yes we need spirituality not religion.All the holy souls teaches us that the God is one. The religions and their customs are occurrs just because of their social structures or some prime master who told his people in their way of understanding ,their lands,their occupations or their state.But spirituality comes from inner consciousness of a human being.Because God is in every soul,God is in compassion if we feel pity on somebody or something without selfishness and heel someone then we are spiritual this is actually religion.Religions are not Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Christen or Bodh etc. etc.Religion is Love,Compassion,contentment and Bravery.If you love children you are religious,if you sow the seeds of shady trees and flowering plants to make the world beautiful you are religious if you care for whatever you do is not hurting someone,if you care about environment you are religious.This is spirituality that all our masters trying to teach us not the religion for hate or lay waste. Please follow the spiritually then you automatically become religious.